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Net D’Radiator
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Cereals with milk is a kind of a soup the closest exaple I can think of is gazpacho which you can find in a canned form – its served cold add, croutons, eat. Same. Some people are warming up the milk to eat cereals – milk is a broth procuced by the cow to fully accommodate a newborn of its own species with necessary nutrients. Cooking the bone (and vagetables) to get out nutrients, collagen so on is pretty similar it is just done in the cow xD Most soup additions are carbohydrates and starch products just like cereals. It works with nut/vagetable milk as well.

I used to think about Pi as my dominant function, not because I strongly identified with it but rather I didn’t fit the stereotype of TeNe ENTp. I noticed it was quite arrogant of me after acquisition of the informations about this function in Auburn’s model. I was sure about the quadra and perception to be the dominant oscilation. Pi examples. I’m catching myself rambling to the infinite about things which are connectes by certain memory recalls, could be a detail which triggers a web of new corelations. All of this process is depended on associations, sometimes I feel the need or I am asked to describe the ‘background’ of a certain situation which intention is to make my claim or idea more understandable collectively – narrativism. I noticed I started to add this anecdotal explanations with my own intention as well. My first choice of the university direction was anthropology because I always wanted to digg into the root of beeing a human. Discover the links between the past and present to estimate the future which is pretty Si. The overwhelming amount of data pushed me to doubt that this is correct choice. I’m sometimes getting really excited about semantic or the words which contain a lot of meaning? Is this count as Pi?

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