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@bella thanks for the response. I don’t think I’m seeing the relationship between the two phenomena I described and the passages you quoted. Regarding the first phenomenon I described, I’m seeing more alignment with e quote you provided that describes IT. The question of “How do you know that?” seems to be requesting a linguistic justification or explanation. I can’t really see how it is emerging from a gestalt or intuitive (in the colloquial sense) place.

Additionally, with regards to the second phenomenon I mentioned, that one also appears to be linguistic in origin. It seems to be requesting another form of explanation. My attempts to respond to this second type of question aren’t based on trying to get the gist of what something means, but rather trying to form an explicit (linguistic) account of what the exact meaning of the proposition or word in question.

I don’t think I was able to understand what the relationship you saw was. I guess it would be helpful to know what were the specific connections you made between the phenomena I described and the quotes you shared.

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