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More than often, I feel out of touch with my own emotions. This leads me to becoming wrapped up in others’ emotional states or trying to understand them at necessary times. Within this process, my own emotions get lost – I’m unsure of what I’m feeling or thinking in an emotional sense. Overtime, I believe whatever emotions are going on subconsciously boils up and then suddenly, as it inches closer and closer, erupts. After “erupting,” it leads to guilt over the intense outburst of emotions until I unknowingly bury them away again…

I have been there before – hardening your heart rather than allowing vulnerability for those emotions in. It’s easy to tune the world away and surrender into an emotionally cold, empty state. The intense emotions cannot reach you – you feel untouchable.

Allow these emotions in. If you become stuck, that’s okay – acknowledge that you’re feeling stuck. Understand that you’re shifting your emotions into a place to protect you. Ease your guard and allow yourself to just feel – when you’re ready to. Journal your emotions, find an outlet to release those emotions.

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