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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Unseelie

What is your name? Or the story behind your alias?

Ionuț Lupu. Translated as Johnny the Wolf, I guess. Basic first name because my father wasn’t that inspired. When asked if he wanted to give me another name, he said that one is enough. Wolf00 is basically my first name followed by my birth year.

Where are you from?

Romania, south west part aka the more slavic part.

How old are you?

20 at the moment. That if we don’t add the embryonic age.

What’s your gender?

Male I guess. Can Pi doms have the potato gender though?

What got you interested in Cognitive Type?

I randomly stumbled upon CJ’s channel on youtube. Followed him for a while because I thought that the method he was using was cool. Joined a server he was in, owned by a guy who goes by the name of Von. The server got raided, Von got scared and he deleted it. Then I joined CJ’s server and eventually became an admin there, since I was quite active. Time passed with me vibe typing people based on associations and guesses until Safal annoyed me to the point that I started learning the CT codifier signals. I happened to be a fairly quick learner, but I was just at the beginning of the Dunning-Kruger curve. I attempted to type CJ with my knowledge at the time and got him as TiSe – which is not right. This has sprung some stuff happening, but nothing serious. Then after a while, Azraella kinda got tired of CJ’s bullshit and attacked him with FACTS. CJ has become all paranoid after this facts attack (I was siding with Az) and he then thought that I’m acting suspiciously. His second man PM-ed me to leave the server and I did leave. I then joined the CT server and started my activity there.

What did/do you type as in other systems?

Well… I thought that being disconnected from reality is Ni, so I thought I’m Ni dom. I then thought that I should have Ti, since I’m such an analytical person. So here you have it. Enneagram 6. If wings are a thing, then probably wing 5. If tritype is a thing, then I’m really not certain what I would be. I’m torn between 3 and 4 for the heart triad and 8 and 1 for the gut one.

Do you have a partner/lover?


Do you have any kids?

Too young still.

Do you have any pets?

Plenty of courtyard animals, but I wouldn’t call them pets.

Life motto?

Live and let live.

Favorite Flavor?

I don’t really put importance on the taste of food. I eat out of necessity to survive and to maintain my body as much as I can. I like whipped cream flavored ice cream, I guess.


Nothing clear so far. I’m open to stuff though. I could entertain the idea of spirit being of a different dimension than the one we’re aware of.

Random fact about you?

I’m too sincere… I should work on this defect. Studying Computer Science; entering the third year out of 4.


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