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I like these notes @alexandertheless !

I think they summarize the core issues with wording quite well, and give me a sense of direction for how to tweak the questions. 🙂

Especially the part about making sure the questions are only targeting one thing, and also the part about removing “People say I…” wordings.

I’m really enjoying this feedback from everyone, and learning a lot about proper survey structures.

Thanks so much for these notes.

edit: I have to switch gears to another project for the time being, so I won’t be able to implement these changes right away. But in the meantime, if anyone with spare time wanted to put together a word doc with these 40 questions, and their updated versions, according to the input of this thread, that would be amazing and so helpful. If not that’s okay too. 🙂 I just gotta tend to other matters + aspects of the theory before returning to this.

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