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@Alexander the Less

A few questions group together two premises that conflict.

Ex. Pairing the voluntary taking on responsibility and holding oneself to high standards as a single indicator of a psychological function.Personal Experience: I do not find myself feeling fulfilled by taking on responsibility, but I do hold myself to higher standards…. However, that is only fulfilling if I manage to meet the higher standards I hold myself to. Holding myself to them in and of itself is not fulfilling without seeing myself live up to them. In some respects, I feel the same about responsibility… I just wouldn’t consciously seek it out.

I totally agree with this one ! I would have said I strongly agree with some statements but then I actually strongly agreed with one part of them and not at all with the other. So I had to say I disagree.

I will give the first example that pops up.

I like to explore uncharted territories, even when that means flirting with danger.

I do love to explore new places/ideas. But I don’t like to flirt with danger. I think Pe is simply shown by the first part. I don’t think disagreeing with the second part makes you less of a high Pe user,

Let’s see another one…

I’m a natural born leader and often find myself in management positions.

I actually was and somewhat still am in a management position at work (counseling/managerial, let’s say, it’s not very clearly cut but counseling itself would be seen as JePi ground anyway) and I also have a small and unprofitable etsy business. I would have answered agree to the second part but I am obviously not a natural born leader, I worked a lot to improve these qualities and am still working to improve them.

So, here the issue is people who developed Je in time may not feel they are “natural born leaders” at all. Because they were not born with it, they developed it. They can remember being bullied as kids or being treated badly by bosses and coworkers for years without knowing how to deal with it BEFORE they did reach a management position. So, they will answer strongly disagree even though maybe at this point they do have conscious Je and even have a management position !

Next, since I am at it :

My pursuit for a personal identity that matches me best has taken me far from my starting culture and background.

Here I can say :

– I do care about my personal identity;

– I am right now pretty far from my starting culture and background. My lifestyle and interests are far from it, at least.

– I have been pursuing something that led me here, but that something is not necessarily my identity. It is knowledge, understanding. I wanted to understand what’s going on, how the world works, what is truly valuable, what isn’t.

So I can’t answer “strongly agree” to this question, because my pursuit appears to not be primarily for identity, but I would need to examine myself a lot to be able to tell if this is perfectly correct, since the inner and outer world mirror each other, hence every pursuit could be seen as a pursuit for identity. Seeing how the world works implies seeing how you work, as you are part of the world and the image of the world is inside your mind. The opposite too, since what you perceive is pretty much influenced by your inner world. Hence knowing yourself will make you know the world. Then when I say I wanted to know what is truly valuable, this implies I wanted to know what is truly valuable to me. Hence, even if it is all put in a general and open way, it could be argued I am talking about a search for identity.

But at a first glimpse, you can’t see these nuances. And even if you did, some ambiguity remains.

How could an Si lead with conscious Fi answer this one, just to give an example. What if you both value background and identity? What if you find identity IN your background?

I also agree with the point about asking what others think.

People come to me for the dependability of my perspective, in order to recieve stable and temperate advice.

They do come but I am not sure why they come. 🙂 I think I agreed with this one, because I believe my advice is stable and temperate. BUT I don’t know if others come for this reason. Maybe they think the advice I give is revolutionary and original. :)) I can’t know why they come for advice, really.

Just some ideas, maybe I have more later. 🙂

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