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Net D’Radiator
  • Type: NeTi
  • Development: l-l-
  • Attitude: Adaptive


What is your name?

My name is Aneta but the name chosen for me used to be Marcel – as an embryo sex was unknown, it is not waisted, my brother got it later. The nickname, I made it up,  nano – micro – tiny, nuke –  nuclear weapon, the explosion it could correspond to my perceived personality a bit I am mosty neutral but can blow up when I strongly care about something (maybe phlegmatic-choleric?) It can be changed anytime, so its kina redundant to talk about.

Where are you from?

Oryginaly, I’m from a place which people of my own nationality know nothing about and have a hard time to get here using navigation, village with less than w thousand residents between Cracov and Zakopane in Poland.

What’s your gender?

Female, tomboyish

How old are you?

Mid 20s. but I might be a bit infantile.

What got you interested in Cognitive Type?

My own research related to personality theory and cognitive science led me to this place.

What did/do you type as in other systems?

Long, not interesting story. Memebti INTP, interaction styles INFJ, socionics EII, self typed ISFJ with good Ne. I wasn’t yet officially typed in CT  (soft typed NeTi) I would assume to be polarized alpha P dom (with some occasional, I’ve seen it once per video “excessive contempt”) or?

Do you have a partner/lover?


Do you have any kids?

One, her name is also One but in Korean.

Do you have any pets?

Incredibly loyal, little bipolar in his energetics Jindo named Yoshimi.

Life motto?

I never thought about it, it must be always changing, I’m trying to think of some… First association issss… “Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory”

Favorite Flavor?

I don’t really know, its rather about certain combinations of flavors, ah but in my family ketchup has high status.


Hmmm… currently, from the major systems I have to say Buddhism is the closest to the shape of my soul. During highschool I was publicly atheistic but privately agnostic, university –  I used to be more nihilistic. In secondary school we had christian religion as a subject, I used to entered into polemic quite easily, once the wise catechist ordered me to invent and prepare manifesto of my own religion, so I did, it was highly atheistic and hedonistic, now I would not like to belong to this religious denomination, but I got a good score from this subject at least. Liquid topic.

Random fact about you?

I reached for a last resort an I work as a painter, artistic pursues seem to be a good at synthesizing my all of my current interests, there is a possibility to adapt, incorporate any given topic or idea, abstract the meanings, essentials onto the canvas. I might be a farm owner in the future xD

There might be some mistakes (or a new approach to the grammar in english language?) going on here, sorry for that.

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