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Shelley Lorraine
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If it helps, here are the questions I was most nitpicky with and my reasons:

There is no need to rush into something until one has understood the situation fully

I need context for this question. It really depends on the situation. Are we talking about putting together a piece of ikea furniture or planning an uprising? If rushing in will harm no one but myself – sure why not? I do it all the time. I regret it too. Then I do it again. There’s a strong conflict between what I think I need to do and what I actually do. I am impulsive and revisory.. I jump in, then try to back track and wish I had thought things through in hindsight.

We should exercise caution when attempting to discard things that have persisted for a long time

Context, again. It depends on the situation.

I’m not enraptured by the glitter of new ideas, as I think we should be cautious about how we integrate big changes into existing structures

Similar context conflict with this one as with the previous two questions. Additionally – I am very enraptured by the “new,” but I also see this is a flaw in my character that needs tempering. I think we/I “should” be cautious, but I do not walk what I preach.

People come to me for the dependability of my perspective, in order to receive stable and temperate advice

People have come to me for advice, often enough for it to seem like I’m inviting it, but I have no idea what the attraction is. I do not consider my perspective dependable. I am wishy wash and flighty and so open minded it’s kind of a joke. But I dunno.. I mean, I sorta feel like I give good advice too, despite my unstable perspectives. Or maybe I misunderstand what is meant by “dependable perspective” here.

I go along with life’s situations and then find myself in places i didn’t expect + I don’t understand how to get to where I am going, but I trust my inner sense of alignment to guide me. 

These two, as a pair, threw me off. I don’t plan very far into the future and often end up in unexpected places. I have places I wish I’d end up, but I don’t work too hard to plan for them. I expect the unexpected and I’m also attracted to the mystery of the unknown. I sometimes enjoy imagining my life as a daily roll of the dice. At the same time, I trust my inner sense of alignment to guide me on the path of optimal spiritual growth. I have no idea what that really looks like or where it is, but I trust my inner guide to take me there.

I’m always picking up new crafts and skills, even though I abandon the one’s I’ve already learned.

I do not *always* abandon the ones I’ve already learned. It may be more accurate to phrase this as picking up new skills before having mastered previous ones and/or dropping crafts before ever really learning them due to sudden disinterest.

I put way too much on my plate at once and end up not mastering much of anything, even though I continue to dabble in the old stuff.

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