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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

Mine are :

Your Energetic Results
Here are your energetic results! The bars below estimate how much behavioral development you have in each energetic area. We each have all four energetics in us, but at different developments. For more information on these energetics, visit the Ji, Je, Pi and Pe behavioral profiles.

Pe: Explorer
6 out of 12.5

Pi: Worldview
5.5 out of 12.5

Ji: Compass
2.25 out of 12.5

Je: Articulator
2 out of 12.5

The lead is clear but I should be Fi conscious and not Ni conscious. 🙂

My first impression is this could be because the Pi questions might overlap a bit for Se-Ni users with Se realism…and the Ji questions could have been set a bit higher than what a regular Ji conscious person would necessarily be aiming for. And it should be added Ji conscious people will make sure they answer the exact question, and not based on the general vibe/main theme of the question, so if one point is higher than what they would normally aim for, they will say no, I am not doing this, I am not living up to this ideal or even have this ideal in mind.

I will give some examples :

   I am nitpicky about what I do, and either put in the time to do something perfectly or not at all.

I actually am nitpicky with what I do, but I couldn’t say I am aiming to do it perfectly. I do have standards, but they are not that high. I am curious if other Ji conscious people feel the same way. What do you guys think?

By the way, some of the Je questions seemed similar in terms of very high expectations. But since I am not Je conscious, those could very well simply reflect Je motivation levels accurately, only I never experienced them, hence they look superhuman to me. :))

   We should exercise caution when attempting to discard things that have persisted for a long time.

Do you need Pi to say yes to this one or can Se realism lead to a similar answer? If these things worked for a long time by being in a certain way and you suddenly change them or discard them, there are high chances you will make matters worse, since every discarded thing impacts the entire previous construction that did work. And things should not be assumed to work, they should be assumed to not work, chaos is the basis we are starting from.

I am not sure I don’t have a bias though. But if so, is it an Ni bias or just an Se-Ni bias..? Do I need to use Ni to Se this? 🙂

Or I could have lost Fi while trying to integrate Ni. :))

Oh, Wolf, yours is perfectly accurate ! Nice !

I saw what each question was looking for, but answered honestly, yes, I think anyone who knows CT would see what each question checks anyway.

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