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An important Discord question, that I think needs mention here:

How is it different than just getting typed?

It’s quite different. Psychometrics are circular by nature, so they don’t necessarily tell you much about your innate reality that you don’t tell them yourself. You feed something into them, and they give it back to you with some extra details that are not too hard to infer. So if you score high on a category here, the odds of you fitting the profile of that category is high, because the questions are extracted from said category. So, it’s almost a tautological typing method. CT is not like this though — as it tries to tell you something about you without this circularity crutch.

I don’t have a high opinion of psychometrics because they give the illusion of profundity. However, they can serve an important role in being a control for experimentation.

The point here would be to use the survey not as a typing tool, but as an experimental control to measure vultology against, to see if vultology can independently match the psychological results. That would be much harder to do.

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