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  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Seelie

I used to be physically clumsy, and be quite bad at physical sports, alway last in gym, used to overstep, fall, easily hurt myself, not paying attention to where I walk, often ripping clothes, walking into glass doors etc. I’ve done most such things.

That said; I think I have improved my physical sense of where I am, area around me, and is increasingly less clumsy. The spacey non attention is often just daydreaming, I still am otherworldly dreamer. But Is increasingly more physical capable, as, I am a safe driver, and due to the social environment I have been raised in, works on the practical skills of a “driver” too, simpler maintenance, simpler mechanical skills.

I know someone I suspect is INTP (i think TiNe) which basically do stuff as not paying attention driving, and once delivered mail without a back wheel (it was still there just, not doing anything Wheelish stuff, as moving…). . . Pooor car….  -_-

I always check what I carry with me, always, at least twice. Makes sure keys, cell phone, and other items is there, and safe. I got quite good memory, so I can remember what I got, and is close to photographic memory. While I cannot do blind chess Magnus Carlsen style, it helps to keep track of things, and, I need it.

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