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  • Type: NiTe
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  • Attitude: Unseelie

What’s your name?

Ben. No interesting story behind my internet handle, I just picked it for my first ever online account because it was available and sounded cool and have stuck with it ever since.

Where are you from?

New Zealand. If I say ‘sweet as’ I’m not flirting with you!

How old are you/what’s your gender?


What did/do you type as in other systems?

INTP in Myers-Briggs. I can see why I scored that based on my self perception but I’m not sure it told me anything about myself I didn’t already know. I love the objectivity of vultology because it leads me to learn things actually new things about myself and others.

Life motto?

Hmm… Do the hard and beautiful thing.

Favourite flavour?

My favourite ingredients in anything are mushroom, eggplant, egg (if not overdone), and tomato. I feel like there’s some common connection between all of these but I don’t know what to call it…


Follower of Jesus. If I ever start rambling on about He who lights up our days and sustains each breath of the universe by the power of his will, feel free to bring me back on topic 🙂

Random fact about you?

I majored in Classical Greek at Uni and am currently reading (slowly) through the New Testament in Greek chapter by chapter. If anyone is keen to discuss the Bible and/or Greek I am always up for it!

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