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Dio Brando
  • Type: NeTi
  • Development: l---
  • Attitude: Adaptive

What is the story behind your alias?
It’s a character from JoJo. My avatar too, but they’re two different characters. I don’t like Dio Brando as a character, but the name sounds good. I prefer D’arby, the one in the avatar. He doesn’t use sheer force but tricks, and I really enjoyed his episodes.

What’s your gender?

What did/do you type as in other systems?
I’ve studied all of them and have become quite good in typing others, but always lacked the capability to “see” myself. So I never typed for good. The only function I 100% related to has always been Ne… but since I’m a social introvert I was reluctant to type me as a cognitive extrovert (even though I knew social and cognitive introversion/extroversion are two different things). So, in MBTI terms, in tests i got all the values for I, N and P at around 90/100% (and according to the MBTI definitions, I do indeed clearly fit in those dichotomies). Only T/F seemed balanced in tests, but according to the definitions I always considered myself more like a T.

Life motto?
Don’t do now what you can do later. Just kidding (am I?).

Favorite Flavor?
I can’t choose. I like too many flavors. It depends on the moment. Sometimes meat is what you crave for, while other times a biscuit seems like a royal cake. The only flavor in which I’m consistent is the one for my icecreams: melon is ALWAYS the choice.

I love discovering things related to religion. I read a lot of stuff about it, but I have no real spirituality inside me. It’s just a vague attraction of mine.

Random fact about you?
Since a very young age I’ve enjoyed keeping up with news about politics more than watching movies. I don’t care about who wins and loses, and I don’t even vote currently. I just want to observe, and all the potential changes give me an injection of enthusiasm.

In politics I don’t root for what is right, but for what could change things the most and be more entertaining to observe.

I skipped many questions, but you got my essence: I chose a username from a character I don’t even like, I studied typology without ever typing myself, I love studying religion but I’m not religious, and I enjoy following politics without necessarily voting or having any ideals. Sometimes I feel like an empty shell with an infinite appetite for his subjects of interest. Curiosity is what makes me feel alive.

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