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Alexander the Less
  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: llll
  • Attitude: Unseelie

What is your name? Or the story behind your alias?

Alexander, but I tend to go by Alex. However, I have very little preference. Alexander the Less is the name I adopted after making a huge effort to wipe my old screen name out of the digital memory of people I knew. I wanted to change my identity, so I adopted Alexander the Less, an obvious play on Alexander the Great. I chose it as a feeble attempt to make myself more conscious of the need to behave with greater humility.

Where are you from?

I was born, raised, and reside at the time of writing this, in Tennessee.

How old are you?

I am 25.

What’s your gender?


What got you interested in Cognitive Type?

I saw a guy from a socionics discord post a link to the little debate/chat between Auburn and Jack from WSS. I’ll fess up, I thought to myself, “Visual typing? Wow, this dude is nuts.” Then I listened to the debate and realized that the methodology of CT offered something every typology lacked: objectivity. As someone that weekly struggled with their type in every system, I found CT refreshing.

What did/do you type as in other systems?

MBTI quizzes put me all around INFP, INTP, and INFJ.
Socionics quizzes and an array of internet typists said I was EIE (ENFj), but I would sometimes get SEI (ISFp).

Do you have a partner/lover?


Do you have any kids?


Do you have any pets?

At the moment, a little yorkshire terrier, Lucy, and a rat terrier, Domino.

Life motto?

“Id unum scio, me nihil scire.”
“There’s one thing I know, that I know nothing.”


I consider myself Christian despite my agnostic epistemology. It’s a fun and terrifying source of cognitive dissonance for me.

Random fact about you?

I’ll give some facts that might be useful for CT research.

1) I am the first person to graduate from a 4-year university in my family (BA in Literature and Language)
2) I just recently graduated from a 2-year master’s program. I am a specialist on digital rhetoric and hate speech, and as an element of my research, I have a special interest in epistemology and education (MA in Rhetoric and Composition)
3) I’m currently employed as an adjunct professor, teaching first-year writing courses to (primarily) incoming college freshmen
4) I hate it when people hear the 3 preceding facts and immediately say something about grammar

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