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@cb, not to worry, I have thought of these things 🙂 But I appreciate you contributing your thoughts. I’m definitely open to input on the experiment design. I’m not a trained scientist.

First, I do indeed plan to use people who are not familiar with the cognitive functions.

Re: typing them as objectively as possible, part of the point of the experiment is to examine a few different typing methods to see what correlates with what. The volunteers will take a test (Dario Nardi’s cognitive functions test) and read type descriptions to type themselves.  I have also asked Auburn if he would be willing to type the volunteers, but I don’t know yet whether he will. If he doesn’t, I will type them myself to the best of my ability with the codifier. There are a few other typing methods I’d like to include as well.

And regarding the function definitions, that’s also part of what the experiment is examining. I would like to include questions related to a variety of different function definitions to see what correlates with what. Different typing methods might be valid  with different function definitions.

Regarding making the questions such that they are measuring one specific function, I have no doubt that people will use a variety and different combinations of functions to answer the questions. I don’t think it’s possible to completely isolate a single function with a particular question, but I do think certain functions will influence the answers to certain questions more than others. And it doesn’t need to be perfect since we’re looking for trends, not for something that is accurate for every individual.

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