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Hey @Fayest42,

So first you wouldn’t want people who already know about typology to take the test, due to the potential bias of them aiming for a particular result

Then you would have to type them as objectively as possible after the questionnaire, e.g. send them here.

Also you would have to make sure that you have as objective as possible definitions of the functions, which is a big ask, as these functions vary in their definitions depending on the source. A lot of /maybe most definitions describe possible manifestations of the function, rather than the pure basic essence of the function, hence so much confusion everywhere about what the functions actually are, and thus also missing other possible manifestations of the functions

Then you would either need questions which ensure that it is only possible to answer that question, using that one particular function that you are analysing, or you would have to rely on your subjective interpretation of which function(s) are being used, and if multiple functions are being used for one question, you would have to rely on your interpretation of which one is dominant…..

Also you would need to assume that a person will be guaranteed to answer those questions with skill/volume/your measurement criteria, directly proportionate to their functional preferences

There could be more things, but that’s what comes to mind for now….

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