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Oh, interesting !

I’ll post some ideas.

For Pi (and possibly for quadra) – what do you think will be the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide ? how do you think your country will be affected in the next months? why?

For Je (and possibly Pi) – what are your political views and what circumstances shaped them ?

Are you a feminist? why/why not?

For Fi (or more broadly Ji and Je)- What is your position regarding LGBT rights? 🙂

For Pi again – how do you think today’s culture/education impacts men?

For Pi and possibly for quadra – are you a supporter of AI development? why/why not?

For Fe/Te – someone under your supervision does not comply with your requests. How do you handle the situation?

(this question might have an Fi – Te bias, maybe it needs some rephrasing)

For any function – what is your opinion about dating apps?

(this can go any direction)

For Je & Ji; broadly for any function – would you tell the truth in any circumstances ? what are possible situations in which you would lie or hide the truth? why?

For any function – do you think we have a life purpose ? what is it? who determines it?

For P (broadly for any function) – if time travel was possible, where and in what historical period would you travel to and why? (you can travel to the past or future)

For any function – what made you feel interested in typology? How could you use it in your everyday life?

For any function, it could go any way – do you plan doing anything specific during the quarantine period?

Any function – what is the best work environment for you? (for students – what is the best environment for studying?)

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