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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Unseelie


The draw to same-type relationships is probably rare indeed, and I wonder if all types are equally programmed to handle this? I can’t imagine two SeFi’s together for instance. What a mess. Or what about two TeNi’s. Imagine two Ben Shapiros quarantined together. They would destroy each other!

I also find the “Gamma is the ideal woman” sentiment intriguing. I think that may apply to FiSe –  FiSe itself is the ideal woman. However, SeFi and especially TeNi women are often considered too intense, too wild, too much fire etc. I am anything but the ideal woman, although I am not particularly ugly. I will admit that introverted guys tend to notice me and consider me to be an intriguing fire-bomb, but still, it’s like a wildfire. It’s beautiful and mesmerizing from afar but if it comes too close to their home, they’ll do anything to put that fire out.  Hyper-masculine men can love me as a friend or a brief attraction, but they never would want me in a relationship. (The feeling is mutual.) I suspect Te development in any woman is enough to deter “ideal men” from being interested in them. It doesn’t bother me since I am attracted to introverts and shy people almost exclusively, but I have heard confessions from many Gamma extroverts, much more standard-beautiful than myself, saying that they’re “too much” for most men.

In my view the ideal woman is Fi lead, and probably FiSe is slightly more ideal.  Following that is TiSe or TiNe, although I can see how there’s a cold-logic factor there which some men might find confusing.

The idea of me with an Alpha SF is laughable although I really enjoy the few Alpha SF friends that I’ve had. I am near certain that one of my past liasons was with an Alpha SF. We were in highschool and it lasted two weeks, at which point we both just said, “The chemistry isnt there” “not really feeling it.” Before that he had been into me for a long time but the reality wasn’t his thing. I wasn’t offended. We are still friends. It just isn’t there for me.

That being said, I know that a lot of Gamma women are attracted to Alpha men. Out of the alphas, the only ones I find hot are TiNe. The other types can be gorgeous to look at and wonderful people but I feel no chemistry. However I think you’re very cute :3 and Chris Corner…. the Ti mind in general intrigues me. Ne throws me off though, when going in deeper. Also I don’t think I’ve ever been close to one in person, which is not to say that it couldn’t happen. But I would be unlikely to notice a guy who didn’t dress with some flare or hold eye contact for a long time, like TiSe men are more likely to do. There’s a certain visceral communication that gets my attention.

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