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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

I’ve seen a few different patterns that I may have(?) mentioned before. One is Alpha men in relationships with Gamma women. What I see here is a strong cultural effect, as well as one of a mutual balance/compensation. Often times it seems that Alphas will take a calm, caring, psychoanalytical approach to relationships, which is seen as ’emotionally sensitive’ and ‘supportive’. High Fe+Si types especially will tend to be loyalists, and reliable providers who take a parental sort of role. All of these traits are culturally labeled as desirable especially in men. Similarly, Gammas tend to have an independent sense of their emotions (Fi), a frankness (Te), and spontaneous, sensual energy (Se) which are all culturally labeled as desirable traits in women. This makes people who are seeking a heterosexual relationship tend to see Alphas and Gammas as kind of the ideal man/woman, and often the two ‘ideals’ come together. It seems that there is a compensatory effect in these opposite-function kind of relationships as well, where each has access to the traits and views which are otherwise out of reach to them. From what I’ve heard from people who have been in one of these types of pairings, there is a kind of eternal sense of mystery as well, where because of the opposite cognitive processing neither can ever understand the other fully.

And as you mentioned @Animal, I’ve also noticed a strong resonance between TiNe’s and NeFi’s in particular. Many of my best friends throughout my life have been NeFi (or TeSi with heavy Ne). My partner’s best friend since childhood is also NeFi, and one of his long-term partners was NeFi as well. Overall it seems like having the same perception functions leads to compatibility, I’ve noticed especially in the case of similar senses of humor.

Ofc I’m a proponent of same-type relationships as well, although I rarely see these happen! I’ve been fortunate enough to have ended up in two such situations thus far, and I’ll say the degree of mutual understanding and depth of love that can be had is quite beautiful indeed <3

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