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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Why include vultology on Emotional Attitude?

Emotional Attitude describes aspects of a person’s emotional state, relying on signals that have crossover with Ekman signals such as joy/sorrow/anger/disgust/contempt — as expressed in either the Alpha/Beta types or Delta/Gamma types. And we may wonder why the CT model needs to have information about a person’s emotional expression within it. And the answer to that is, it doesn’t. But it does because of several reasons.

  • The CT model is tracking vultology more generally and any signal clusters that have strong presence and relevance to psychology are documented. And emotional attitude is prominent enough, visible enough, and a sufficient variable that not tracking it would interfere with the reading of type. The same is true of Flat Affect, which is a non-type-related signal that creates noise variables when it is not described and accounted for. So we track Flat affect because:
    • It’s a visible phenomenon
    • It has a consistent parallel with a certain psychic state
    • Not tracking it obscures the investigation into cognitive type

Therefore Emotional Attitude is a non-random addition. It is not inserted into the CT Model arbitrarily but from the sheer fact that it is persistent and objectively measurable, and that it does correspond to certain psychic states, even if they’re not type.

However, CT as a model is only interested in accounting for emotional attitude differences in people insofar as those differences relate to, or interfere with, the expression of cognitive type.

Another vultological model, by another party, could conceivably be created that delves more deeply into the question of vultology and the intersection with emotional states/complexes/fixations — and I’ve seen some enneagram groups trying to do so. For now this is not part of the CT project.

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