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  • Type: FiNe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie

For posterity, I’m also going to include here what I wrote to Auburn in an email about what aspects of my type description I don’t relate to.

1. I noticed that the profiles for TiNe and FiNe are very similar, but one place they differed is in these sentences:

TiNe: “You may begin to ask reductionist questions about what the objective meaning of life is, how such a thing can ever be defined, and you may be prone to the occasional existential moment.”
FiNe: “Questions may crop up related to what the purpose of living is and whether you feel you are living in true alignment to that higher purpose within you.”

In comparing these two sentences, I definitely relate much more strongly to the Ti one. I do not believe that I have a “higher purpose.” I am actually a nihilist who believes that nothing in the universe has any inherent value or purpose.

2. “And while you do linger on these intellectual questions a lot, your investigation of true reality more often comes in the form of an artistic exploration, such as via poems, lyric writing, paintings, music, dance or fashion, wherein the artform becomes the vehicle by which those core realizations can radiate out into the world.”

This sentence was in both the FiNe II– and TiNe II– profiles, but in any case, I don’t relate to it. I’m not a very artistic person. I dabbled a bit in photography and acting as a teenager, but since graduating high school I haven’t had any interest in any artistic pursuits. I will say that I do appreciate art created by other people though.

3. In the description of being “unseelie:” “You’re not afraid to make critical opinions of others, and to call out lies and hypocrisies where you see them.”

I am not afraid to do this within my own head, but I definitely don’t do it out loud to the face of the person in question. If someone says something I disagree with, unless they are someone I am very close to and comfortable with, I usually keep quiet about it. If it is simply a factual error, I am more likely to correct it, but if it is something more personal like “lies and hypocrisies,” I would definitely not call it out – I’m very conflict-avoidant with all but the 2 people closest to me in my life.

4. “But always for the Fi user the question of what is truth and goodness are in some way inseparable and irreducible.”

I definitely don’t see truth and goodness as being inseparable and irreducible. I see them as being totally separate and unrelated. As I mentioned above, I am a nihilist, so I believe that what is “good” is entirely subjective – it’s just based on what evolution and personal experience have led your brain to interpret as good – whereas I definitely don’t think what is “true” is subjective.

5.  “Fi+Ne: The Fairy. This type is the epitome of the Fi fairy archetype, and the most like the typical INF description. Very dreamy, with head in the clouds. Child-like and a bit magical. Usually artistic, sensitive, ephemeral and highly receptive to ideas and to the hearts of others. Prone to love experimenting with their own identity and making a somewhat eccentric artpiece of themselves. Colorful. Sing-songy. Whimsical. Almost always seelie, but can also be very private. Very curious. They are deeply affected by the world, but are ever-guarded underneath.”

I relate to very little of this. The parts I relate to are “sensitive,” “highly receptive to ideas,” “curious,” and “deeply affected by the world, but ever-guarded underneath.” The parts I don’t relate to are “most like the typical INF description,” “very dreamy, with head in the clouds,” “artistic,” “ephemeral” (actually not really sure what that means when describing a person), and “Prone to love experimenting with their own identity and making a somewhat eccentric artpiece of themselves. Colorful. Sing-songy. Whimsical.”

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