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  • Type: NeTi
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Will be brief as I’m relegated to just the phone currently and away from home/PC, but my conscience was nagging me to at least attempt a brief correction to what is likely another one of my numerous vultological errors (and ofc all my attempts at vultology are those of an amateur and could do with a good dose of salt applied to them). But yeah, using her Hot Ones episode as the reference point, the baseline energetic for Kristen Bell appears to be FiPe (I—I). Her baseline is Ji poise and rigidity together with lots of pointed emphasis to her hand gestures, and also a good amount of Je’s projecting hands and forwardness/full body coordination to their movements. But the hands have a jitteriness to them I’ve come to associate with Te, as well as being in tandem with the sassy, shovel-chin head shakes of Te, and her smile certainly rises into muscles near the nose that are past the point of Ti-Fe smiles, while being overall more zygomatic than quite a few other Fi users’ smiles.

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