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  • Type: FiNe
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Seelie

I swear there used to be a forum thread that mentioned Kristen Bell. It had her as an Fi that had been taught to smile as Fe. Maybe it was from the .net version?

Anyways, I think it is just as important to look at how people show up in life as that would show how they metabolize information. When body movements match behavior, there would be agreement. When they don’t align, why? These two have always communicated that they are “polar opposites”. Wouldn’t that imply that their functions are not matched and shuffled? They have difficulty understanding the motivations of each other and choose to work to find connection.

I listen to The Armchair Expert, a lot, and agree that Dax is an SeTi in both movement and behavior. Kristen talks about how she trust him on the motorcycle with their little girls because he becomes one with the machine, instantly in a flow state. The entire show is peppered with information that would back up that type as well. Additional info, he self identifies as a realist and pessimist.

As for Kristin, her superpower is empathy. She’s also very into natural as being more ethical than conventional products. She has a high moral bar and is unwilling to let others take over and her claim ignorance. Whereas Dax can be swayed by a good argument, she has a very strong morality. She self identifies as an optimist and idealist. It would seem odd to me that she would have Fe as her inferior function while being so in touch with these features. Or, maybe the Fe description isn’t fleshed out enough to encompass this. Is it a healthy human feature, or Introverted vs Extroverted Feeling? She is also honest about her struggles with codependency, depression and anxiety. How would this play into how she appears? How she communicates, self-regulates, etc.? (These are more rhetorical questions that aren’t necessarily looking for answers.)

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