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Shelley Lorraine
  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

It’s interesting that @eric has conscious Ne, yet describes himself as not playful, and not jealous of those who are more carefree, while my two Pi l— examples come across as significantly more carefree and less “stiff” to me. I’m guessing it’s the Te adding more of the stiffness, but still curious about how the Ne factors in here.

possibly of interest – I see myself as more planned and prepared, in general, than Eric, at least on a small scale. While he is looking at grand worldview stuff, I am looking up parking availability and other useful info before we go out to new places. Before we married, it was I giving him an “I told you so,” when he didn’t make hotel reservations and we found ourselves driving around looking for lodging late into the night.

There’s no envy towards other’s who have blissful carefree thoughts and are unburdened by the future. I look at them and think of them as simple lemmings.

heeey, I am one of these blissful sorts who sing in the shower and doesn’t concern myself too much with politics. You say you very much appreciate the element of play that I contribute to the relationship. Perhaps you were in a temporary grumpy frame of mind while writing your post. ;p

… Understand the process, understand the whole. Divergent behavior/events require additional attention and are wholly interesting.

To add an example: I was talking with Eric about philosophy and recommending a text I had read by a contemporary philosopher. He said he had little interest in modern philosophy because he knows the old stuff and expects it all the be variations of a theme.

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