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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

ahhh thanks for pitching in @ladynerdsky!

Part of believing I had Ni was the amount of claircognizance I experience. While out in the world I predict what will happen next with regular accuracy. Predictions just pop into my head as “true” from nowhere, as in, I’m not conscious of working out the logical steps to arrive at my conclusion, or actively sitting down to strategize or brainstorm potential scenarios. I somehow leap straight to the most likely result and work backwards to figure out how I arrived there.

BUT, where I distinguish this from Pi as written here, is my predictions involve people and situations unfolding directly in front of me. I’m not forecasting where entire social or political movements are heading. It’s on a micro-level with individuals, small groups, and small events (e.g predicting driver movements on the road). And I need data and immersion in an experience to do this well. The more opportunity I’ve had to interact with a person or experience a situation, even remotely from behind a screen, the better I can predict next-steps.

Yes ^ this is part of the MBTI version of ‘Ni’, which correlates it to general hunches and intuitions, allowing them to be more real-time. However, you hit it right on the head: in CT Ni is much more professorial/academic (ish) and the kind of anticipations it has are more like.. methodical prognoses of the world from a long accumulation of information spread across years.

The thing you describe fits much more with the Ne section titled “Serendipity & Flash Visions”, which describes Ne’s epiphanic sense:

“Suddenly a vision may flash before their eyes, stitched together from hundreds of unconscious micro-correlations accumulated around this moment; converging into one instance in time. This can lead to a semblance of clairvoyance where the Ne user attains some knowledge into the unseen causalities of the universe. They may come to deeply trust this sense, whenever they feel it manifest. However, these sudden flashes will not represent a stable ability and their appearance will be as unpredictable as their own inspiration. “

But unfortunately this epiphanic nature of Ne’s clairvoyance/claircognizance is actually directly baked into MBTI-‘Ni’ profiles. Ayayai! ..And I think this is an artifact of mistyped JiNe’s NeJi’s typing as Ni in those systems.

But anyhow, I think I feel okay with the phrase “an anticipator of outcomes, for better or worse” since it’s embedded within the sentence: “This exhaustive array of facts will inescapably make you an anticipator of outcomes”. When read holistically, it should be clear that we’re not describing a contextual/situational claircognizance, but a historical awareness.

That said, I can see how the lack of this Ne ^ component from the JiNe profiles may compel people to look for an analogous anticipatory sense somewhere such as here. I will see whether there’s a way to integrate this Ne aspect into the Ji profiles, or if it may have to be inferred from the full Ne profile.

Same issues as above. Very relatable but using potentially different mechanisms to arrive at the perception of trouble and likely consequences. And not focusing on broad world and/or societal issues, but on an individual/social group/family/organisation level.

Right. Though, again I think I’m going to have to depend on people not taking things out of context. Relating to one half of a sentence is something I don’t know how to really counteract if the point is contingent on the other half. As noted, it’s framed on a panoramic/world level. But if I come up with a way to weed this out, I’ll definitely try it out.

Ne + Te working together?


THIS. I assume this is written as a counterpoint to unconscious Se/Ne. Except I have Ne conscious (maybe I don’t and I’m gonna lose a stick?) and still meet this description. I relate more to the seriousness and gravity of Ni than the silly, playful, meme-like, surreal descriptions of Ne. And being judge-y of people I think are inane and frivolous.

Heh! Yes if you notice my own type tag has shifted to l–l. As I was writing these profiles I realized I don’t have Pe conscious like other samples do. It takes either a very specific mood or some good ol’ wine to loosen me up. Ji leads are rather rigid and judgy by default.

I do wonder how you’ll relate to the Ji l–l profile, and I can’t wait to put that one forward. It might also solve the question of “Ne+Te” you had above, as I think conscious Je does add an appreciation  for causality and consequences too. But it’s from a more discrete cause-effect (Je) diagnostic (Ji), than from a place of reading historical inertia, if that makes sense. (:

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