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@sekundaer Good. But maybe I didn’t mentally draw the Venn diagram correctly for physical, emotional, etc., so I will try here to clarify. I don’t mean that my emotions are not experienced physically (as in bodily). I cannot claim that I experience anything *not* through my body. Because, I mean, well, it is my body, for as long as I’m alive. Just that, some sensations are physiological, without an emotional component. For example, I notice I feel cold, and that I have goosebumps. Or that I feel like I’m running a fever (I’m not right now!) and my face feels flushed. Or that I’m hungry. However, physical sensations can also be caused by “purely emotional” reasons. That doesn’t mean not physical, just that, for example:  Someone makes a joke about me and my crush, and my face gets flushed, etc. That’s what I meant by that. And other occasions can be confusing or misleading combinations. Such as someone with CPTSD who believes themselves to be hungry, and then they realize that it might actually be an emotional flashback causing inner emotional emptiness to be felt in the stomach area. Or something like “broken heart syndrome”. I hope that makes sense. (I could go on, but the language I would use to try to express it would likely end up meaning different things to Ti vs Fi users.)

I don’t know a whole lot about the rest of the stuff. But re: Si (I know this is an Si thread, anyhow), I tend to associate to it the same as you, with impressions of objects outside of the self, which are “dry” as in not emotional–“factual” and only subjective as far as the limitations of the individual human’s memory/”archive”.
I would also look forward to seeing something on how functions show up depending on their position in the stack. Perhaps you relate to feeling like high Si users take Si much more seriously than you; that although you can use it pretty well, it’s just in service of your higher functions? That’s how I feel (or used to, if I don’t have Si). It could also be beyond type, too; like, anyone can be highly in touch with their body, or have a good memory, and there are techniques to get better at these, that anyone can learn and develop. I could also see being in touch with the body as Se, come to think of it, too.

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