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Now that Se has been cleared up more in Auburn’s description I’m curious to return to this thread 🙂 I think my protests about Se here were made clear and the ones that matter were accounted for in the Se description, but I’m wondering how do Si users feel about the Si description now? Or is there something you would add?

It’s been a while since I read the Si profile, but from what I recall there was some things I felt should be changed–at least based on my own experience.

Unfortunately, though, I haven’t had time to participate lately, and I don’t have time to write much right now. But if I can, I’ll see if I get a chance to look over the profile and say some things. From what I remember, the biggest things that I experienced differently than what was described were:

Compartmentalization or modularity: For a large part I relate to the part about Si being fairly context-specific, i.e. that each bit of information has its certain location within the worldview-tapestry (as opposed to Ni, where bits of information are more abstract and so might pop up all over the place). But I don’t experience that there are boundaries between where one piece of information ends and another begins. So to me the Si tapestry doesn’t feel like a bunch of discrete modules, it feels more like different-colored fuzzy splatters that blend & blur together near their edges. i.e. if a red splatter is over here, and a blue one is over there, of course there’s going to be some purple in between them (Sometime I’ll try to explain what I mean a bit more clearly).

The Si myth: Again I’d have to look back at it. From what I remember there were some strong parts. But the more I’ve thought about it, I think I almost experience the Si myth as something like a sense of how I’m rooted in the evolutionary past and/or interconnected with the part of the earth I inhabit. Or something like that. I didn’t relate much to the parts about ritual, dogma, etc. I know the entire myths can be a bit slippery though.

Collections: I collected some things as a kid…but in general, I accumulate things more than I collect them. I’m not that deliberate about it, don’t curate things, and I’ve learned not to be too sentimentally attached to anything because otherwise I’ll probably lose it sooner or later.

Connection of Si (and probably Pi more generally) with senses other than sight: The topic of this thread, and a horse I’ve already flogged to death in the past.

–From what I remember there were some parts of the Ni profile I related to a lot, which made me wonder if some of it might be more general Pi stuff. For example the part about metaphors and visual aphorisms.

Maybe there are a few more things I’m forgetting…I’ll have to look back over it and think about it some more.


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