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@paul – I feel for your situation, and hope you and your family find a way to weather the storm without needing your administrators to miraculously sprout empathy glands. Having worked primarily in psych hospitals (ED and inpatient) that also needed to be liable for full medical care, it’s obvious frontline healthcare workers are consistently undervalued and expected to shovel the feces flowing downhill with grins on their faces and a never-ending appetite for tending to the sick without becoming sick themselves. It’s great (and I’m not bitter about it at all)! Frontline healthcare is not nearly as extrinsically rewarding as it could be, but unlike other sectors of the economy it possesses a strong and consistent demand for labor that won’t be changing anytime soon.

– yes that’s more than likely a security feature to prevent a spam-bot from posting a bazillion links all at once. I would approve the post if I had the capability, but currently I think those posts can only be approved by @auburn.

– I don’t see anything in your post that would warrant action 🙂

To the topic: Reading, writing, video games, stretching/exercising. So pretty much the normal stuff. Just wondering when curfews will be implemented, as I suspect they will be the next step taken here under the umbrella of infection control, while actually being used primarily to help manage rising crime levels if the economic recession continues apace.

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