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I will be closing this topic, primarily for the reason that this line of discourse is not appropriate; matters clearly feel personal and uncomfortable for those involved, and so it would be best to end this.

I am always willing to listen to genuine criticisms of how the forum is moderated, and must again ask that if someone feels uncomfortable speaking publicly about such things, that they send myself or Auburn a PM about it instead. What I’m certain will not improve our culture is this: open and pointed statements directed at personalities, instead of respectful disagreements about the topics themselves. The focus should be on the body of work produced, and not on the bodies producing it.

Before closing here, I’d like to make a statement for the forum more generally. This community is small, and isn’t designed around strict professionalism or absolute adherence to scientific metrics or prior psychological concepts. The forums are here for people with an interest in CT to get together and socialize/ start projects/ advance an idea, offer their feedback on the work, etc. Consider this a gentle reminder that we could always do better in terms of typos, editing, making our ideas easier to follow and better organized and such. But those concerns must also be weighed against the value of having a space where people aren’t required to take a course in copy editing before they feel it’s valid to share their thoughts.

So, that’s all for now. If anyone has something further to add relating to the above, my PMs are of course always open, but this thread will now be closed.

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