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@auburn I was also raised in Christianity. I love that bumper sticker, “Lord, please save me from your followers.” ;P

Over the months, I have attempted to be on the Discord chat, but it is not for me. I don’t look for community on the internet, I look for it in my daily interactions. Sometimes I have a connection to someone I meet online, but I like to take it to a more serious/intentional level if I am to invest in it. Discord, by its nature, is a time suck. Funneling my energies into changing the culture in my town and protecting those without voices has value to me.

I know you are only one person, with limited resources, and that never leaves my mind. Many good people are probably coming to and leaving your site for many reasons. If you want CT to become more well-rounded and fleshed out, retaining those people will be important. Hearing their feedback is a must. It’s clear you have the best of intentions, but do they come across? That’s what I’m talking about, though cryptically. Unfortunately, sometimes leading is like parenting. Sometimes we have to be the firm parent for the good of the family. When there is a squabble culture in a family, you know people aren’t feeling safe, heard and respected. I’d be happy to speak more via private message.


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