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It’s not invalid in general but it’s very different from how I think. I wasn’t stuffing you into a category and I’m sorry you felt that way. I just was trying to explain my reaction and relationship to such things, since you had asked.

I don’t celebrate the new nor do I have vanity of the new. I am not much of a celebrator actually ;D but I fall in love with nature, what ‘is,’ the flow, dedication and commitment, passion, integrity, beauty. But more than anything, I  love the timeless and eternal, the patterns that repeat ad nauseum, which apply to the here and now, but also to any other time period in human history. Cell phones are modern and incidental. I take interest in the themes that endure, the cycles that repeat. So I read about Hitler but my interest wasn’t Hitler or Germany, it was ‘power.’ How does power work? How does fascism sneak its way into a free society? These themes are timeless, wherever there are humans. I am not interested in anything that is allocated only to one time period or specific setting. So , I don’t care about ‘traveling’ or seeing architecture.  I care about feeling the meaning of red, basking in the heat, and experiencing fire, in myself and in the world. And from there, the archetype of fire, and how it ties into typology, or human consciousness. Does that make sense?

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