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Vanity of ‘new’ VS Celebration of ‘new’

I am at work. Our loads are low letting us all enjoy some down time. Instead of taking to my coworkers I choose to play a game on my phone. I bust out the phone and one of my co-workers (higher paygrade) informs me “yo isn’t that phone out dated”. I’m like “yeah you might be right”. He continues “dude you got to get you one of the latest phones”. I’m still like ”this one works just fine”.

I am with my favorite short notice cab driver going to school. “Yo did you hear about that latest galaxy notepad phone!” “Yeah I think I heard something about it” “Bro it is the coolest the thing in the world!” “It looked pretty hot.” “No bro check it out! The screen size is too big for me to drive with. I have to go back and get a regular galaxy. I wish I could keep it. Here you hold it check it out all the crazy new features. You can see how the new GPU renders this huge number apps. That would kill my old phone!” “Man I wish it was my time to trade in I still have a year to go” “It’s no problem man… by that time something better will be poppen out… heck there’s already news out for next years notepad… so I envy YOU”!

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