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Shelley Lorraine
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Ivory fits many Pe descriptions better than I do. As a kid in class he was bored, antsy, couldnt sit still. He was into addictive hobbies like video games.

I was never bored in school – how can a Pe even be bored in school? A shmorgasbord of new information to feed on every day? I loved school, no problems sitting still. However, my mind would sometimes take its own tangents with various topics being taught, so I could sometimes mentally “check out.” I think “inattentive” is a better description than bored or antsy. I am never bored, I’m just hyper-stimulated by everything. I get excited with new information and I run with it on my own until it trails off from what I (or a teacher) started with.

When we say he isnt an artist it’s because he hasnt put in the 10k hours. And this was a constant theme through his life – tremendous talent in many areas including the arts, but low discipline. I think he is very very Pe

Definitely yes to this though. I was naturally good at many things. I didn’t have to try hard to impress. At least in the beginning. As the fish I swam among became more and more specialized in their fields, my lack of discipline was obvious. I used to think I was disciplined, but I was mistaking being responsible and dutiful for discipline. I will pick up others slack, I’ll keep things moving along and I’ll tend to what needs tending, but purposefully developing skills has always been a weak point 🙁


I have a few other people sending me new videos, now that the dev levels have begun to mature into a better psychological and vultological place. I’d love to see another one of you.

I’ll try to get one to you in the next month or two. I’m kinda not feeling video-making motivation at the moment though.

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