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@Auburn all of that makes perfect sense and I agree with all of it! Thank you for the elaboration.

Also, I know we’ve had similar conversations before, but I feel like this time I actually understood more where you’re coming from regarding Pe. Ok, consider my protests addressed =D

I would bet that @Ivory had II– all his life but he just doesn’t have the attention span for laborious artistic mastery. He spends hours each day looking at pictures, organizing tumblr etc, and he is very visual and fluid in that way, but much like me (or Trent) he wouldn’t arbitrarily call himself an artist without putting in the labor toward mastery. But anyway I’ll shut up and let him answer that, just putting in my 2 cents. Maybe he meant something different by it; this is just my immediate guess.

I’m curious though, of one more thing — the ‘variety’ aspect of Pe. I shouldn’t insist that it’s wrong ;D but I’m just curious how you see that playing out in obsessed dedicated types?  Would you bet that it’s the overload of J, why I don’t care for variety of interests and really hone in on the few that compel me? (Don’t get me wrong, I do act very much like an explorer when out in the world; I’m quite spontaneous; but this is just me living in the moment, not taking on multiple interests, if that makes sense.)

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