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Now moving onto @ivory , Animal indeed I would reiterate that Ji proper is not about artistry. It is the Ji+Pe profile that mentioned art, but if you look at the Ji l— profile, you’ll see something more similar to what you’re describing with the perfectionism. The Ji l— profile has that element of not wanting to share without having a “reason” to put oneself out there. Tending not to create, because the person is much more of a “chiseler” than a creative. So we’re totally not in any disagreement here. Pe is more likely to produce. Ji is more likely to whittle away. Ji by itself doesn’t produce because there’s little to whittle away at, to begin with. So Ji by itself never outputs much.

Also if I misused the word “artistic” here, I apologize. From my end I felt as though I added plenty of artistic components to all the Pe profiles so far, and Ji ll– by extension of having Pe conscious, not because it’s a Ji feature. Even if I didn’t use the word “art” in each Pe profile, the essence of it is there. For example, I consider “creative expression”, “creative flow” and so on… to be synonymous with art here. So I feel as though the protest that “Art is not related to Ji” is not something I am arguing against. The profiles with the blue color-coated sections clearly delineate that the artistic components are attributed to Pe. And this would go for Ivory as well. Insofar as he has artistic creative flow, it relates to his interplay with Pe, not because he has more access to it via Ji.

Which brings me to the next point — of what may be happening in Ivory. @ivory I found it very interesting that you related to this section:

But this ideal state is not always easy to attain and requires being sensitively primed for it. Moments of stress or lack of clarity lead to a paralysis and blocking of flow.

I have @nadia to thank for that sentence above, as I did an interview with her where she expressed this very thing. She said she loves flowing, and it feels like her best self, but it’s not always there.

When you said you related to this, I felt it was representative of the struggle involved with how you don’t feel as artistic or fluid as Animal (as one anecdote) or in general. What this says to me is that, perhaps, you are a Ji ll– under stress, in a rather chronic/constant manner, and that makes it so you don’t experience that unblocked flow as much as you could. In other words, it would seem as though you modulate back to a more Ji l— sort of state, perhaps often, due to …as you put it: “Itโ€™s a hard knock life.”

Another option might be that you may be closer to Ji l— than to Ji ll– as your “baseline.” But in either case, I think your case seems explicable within the known information we have. Your lack of artistry is not atypical for Ji, especially under stress.

Also, I deeply value your feedback and, with all this said, I do think I still will have to adjust the language of the Ji ll– profile to move it a bit towards a more neutral baseline, regarding “art” as a specifically named topic. There are other domains besides art which Ji ll– may fall into. ๐Ÿ™‚ And the Ji ll– profile was written with too much of a focus on that, due to the celebrity demographic.

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