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  • Type: TiSe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

@q I’d like to ask you if you experience any change specifically when you’re under stress, for two reasons:

  • the article is “Ti under stress” and you said «I can still see how the description is warped through a Ti/Fe lens», but
  • I can relate to what you’ve said (…)

I know what in my life I value and even covet – I have Fi-dar under the hood that drives this behavior. It’s that side I don’t need the untrusted to see, especially in force – they get to know nothing of my passions or truth, only the mechanical thing that works on the world around it with dispassionate competence.

(…) in general; that is, when I’m not under stress.

I want to add that I also had experiences similar to @ivory’s

Under stress, I become hyper-emotional: my emotions become overwhelming, they will feel highly saturated and I will feel as though I am burning up from emotional heat, about to burst from the tension it creates. This feeling will persist for as long as the stress exists, which can last minutes or years.

when I was driving an extraverted Persona; I became over-sensitive to outer stimuli. That’s to suggest: there may be other factors at play for behaviors.

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