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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Omg wow so much so fast! I’m sorry I haven’t read everything above yet, but I’ve grateful for this conversation. Also I’m glad you guys are not “staying quiet” or anything, since the whole point of these first 5 drafts was to hash out details like this.

So, to clarify something first, I agree that Pe is the function more associated with creative expression, and not Ji. You can see this in the Pe profile here, under “Generative Ability”, as well as in the color-coated breakdowns of the profiles. All the things related to creative expression are color-coated blue, which is Pe.

Now, to explain my process so far.. I took a look at all of our Ji ll– samples and saw this:

Bjork Singer, Songwriter
Gabrielle Meyerowitz Painter
Holly Henry Singer, Songwriter
Janet Jackson Singer, Songwriter
Megan Fox Actress
Miranda Kerr Fashion Model
Natalie Portman Actress
Olimpia ? ? ?
Alyssa ? ? ?
Jamie Chung Actress
Kilian ? ? ?
Margot Robbie Actress
Mia Wasikowska Actress
Skylar Grey Singer, Songwriter
Ashley Olsen Fashion Designer
Becks ? ? ?
Bella ? ? ?
Chris Corner Singer, Songwriter
Erutan Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Gage ? ? ?
Kiyarii Dancer
Nadia Dance Instrunctor
Ciscandra Nostalghia Singer, Songwriter
Claire Wright ? ? ?
Kailia Typologist Youtuber
Kimberly Beswick Singer, Songwriter
LadyNerdSky ? ? ?
Meredith Godreau Singer, Songwriter
Pine ? ? ?
Randall Munroe Comic Book Illustrator
Selena ? ? ?
Zoe Kaiser ? ? ?

Admittedly I don’t know everyone’s careers, so I didn’t factor in many of the individual samples we have from typology. That might have been a mistake. But in the public sector, it seems like, almost with no exception, the Ji-leads with Pe conscious are creatives, working either as musicians, singers, songwriters, painters, actresses or fashion designers/models.

The trend was overwhelming and unanimous, at least from those that I did get to measure. And the “message” to the artistry seemed to be the same. Erutan, Chris Corner, Bjork, Gabrielle Meyerowitz, they all focus in delivering an essentialist Ji message through a Pe medium.

I will come back to this thread later (on my way out the door), but just wanted to share this little bit, and some of why I chose to word the Ji ll– profile the way I did. 🙂 As for the Pe l-l- profile, yeah, I gotta agree that it’s not always artistic, sometimes it is just business/etc. I gotta edit that part somehow too.

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