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Thank you for bringing this up. I felt like commenting too but wasn’t sure if it was more of a personal problem, I’m glad to see that’s not the case.

Also, interesting enough, out of all the profiles that have been posted so far, the [Pe I-I-] and [JiPe II–] articles are the only ones that explicitly mention art as related to a function/energetics.

Just to give a small example:

Yet your consciousness is always geared towards dynamic, creative expression first and foremost, and your qualities as a “doer” are gratifying only insofar as they can help you embody an artistic expression through, and within, your life as a totality.

I will only make a comment on this profile since I’m a PeJi myself but I think there could be some JiPes who might agree with what I’m going to say aswell:

Why does one only get gratification as a “doer” when artistic expression is at play? Aren’t there tons of samples in the database that share that same development, whose main focus is on business, criticizing media, political commentary, tech/science, etc… that seem perfectly content with doing just that and not producing artistic content at all?


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