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  • Type: FiNe
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Unseelie


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the arts. I’m a serious amateur musician who thought about being a pro at one stage. I enjoy visiting galleries and museums. BUT. The sticking-point when I read Fi profiles online is this over-stating of Fi being desperate to express their inner emotions and feelings via an artistic expression, or “artform”, almost writing it as if it’s a mandatory part of Fi and if you don’t feel this way then you’re not a true Fi-lead (or even Aux).

I see Fi as perfectionism in upholding my subjective values. I see myself as more of a scientist than a creative, and I don’t feel like I’m suffocating or dying if I can’t express my emotional inner world in some tangible artistic format.

Instead, I apply that Fi perfectionism in my very non-artistic job. I’m in a scientific para-medical field working with people with disability. I use that perfectionism to work hard, never give-up, and go that extra mile to ensure that everyone gets the best chance of a good quality of life, no matter their circumstance.

I also see Fi as the driver for “alignment” in subjective values. While everyone has a little voice in their head (their conscience) nagging them if they think or do the “wrong” thing, maybe even after they’ve executed an action, it’s possibly easy to ignore. Whereas for Fi that voice is screaming and cannot be ignored. It’s analysing thoughts, and pre-checking actions to ensure purity of alignment with inner subjective belief and subsequent outer expression of said belief. If I ignore that voice, my insides have a meltdown. At times where I’ve acted contrary to my values, I’ve ended up having anxiety-attacks, burning-out, and developing mental health problems.

I’m certainly perfectionistic when I work on my music (classical), but I don’t need it be a courier of my personal essence or express my personal emotions. I’m more concerned with doing the most perfect job technically, and interpreting the piece in the most pure way in alignment with the composers intentions, as far as I can intuit.

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