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  • Type: NeTi
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Attempting an honest recollection of how my mind operated during adolescence, I would say that there really isn’t a single line in the Pe II– description that I would disagree with or state to be untrue. The only thing that doesn’t resonate is the last two lines:

Settling down and laying roots, while a frightening idea in some parts of consciousness, due to the panic of choosing incorrectly, is also the hidden agenda of your unconscious and is a source of idealistic fantasy. Your wanderings are motivated, at heart, to coming across that place that will satisfy all your criteria, give you the right answers, and tie you down forever.

And when I say it doesn’t resonate, that’s not because it wasn’t an ideal I wanted to hold and that was extremely important to me, but because I was already well underway towards systematically crushing and disbelieving it.  A deep disillusionment with life divested me of many things, but giving up on the idea that home could ever be something I would find was surely one of the bitterest pills to swallow.

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