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My goodness… our ability to discuss a priori categorizations of truth and the topic of homosexuality in the same breath is what elevates the CT community to the very peaks of enlightenment… only half-joking here btw XD. Serious response to follow.

  • To begin with, T>F appears to me as the most salient dimension to isolate a fundamental, Ti-sourced bias.


  • It seems to me that Ti (when conferred a priori rank above all other functions) holds a deeply flawed assumption that through concentrated thought alone, the emotionless aspects of the brain can override the emotional aspects of the brain, such that the mind and body can both be controlled through some kind of totalitarian grip on rationality; in short, it’s nonsense. Sustaining psychic unity through consistent domination by Ti isn’t possible, it’s an unhealthy dictatorship and such a one-sided attitude will not be healthy as long as we are primarily organic creatures; the different cognitive systems through which we labor and err are there for irrevocable reasons: they appear to be necessary for coordinating higher-order, conscious functioning (at least in primates like HSS), and are intended to reach functional truth(s) of survival through a system of never-fully-resolved conflicts and compromises.


  • My observations on the question of sexual/gender identity align with this pattern: individuals who display the traits and values of conscious Fi tend to embrace their personal truths of gender and sexual identity earlier, and begin integrating those aspects of themselves scorned by society at a faster pace, than conscious Ti users generally seem to display. Here specifically I think Fe plays a large role in why this is so, as Auburn has made reference to, because the F dynamic of a Ti-Fe user’s functioning is permanently set against a backdrop of object/group relations. If we take a global survey of different societies’ attitudes towards homosexuality, we can see that societal punishments range all the way from torture and death, to a simmering disgust from individuals and subgroups which aren’t allowed to express hate towards these “deviants” in “polite” society. Meanwhile, the positives of accepting a deviant gender identity or sexuality are almost entirely intrinsic, excepting some real-world and online subgroups which encounter various degrees of success and failure in supporting queer people with words/actions. For the Ti-Fe user, being non-deviant would seem to be the objective or “rational” answer to gender/sexual identity given these external metrics, assuming this Ti-Fe user isn’t living in some hitherto unheard of society where the majority of their interactions with other human beings concerning sexual or gender identity gave them the impression that all were equally “good”. But that is not a message broadcast by any society I’ve looked at (when analyzed at a broad, or nation-based level), and human beings are not inherently rational. The mind is always made sick by the cognitive dissonance that results from subordinating a reality which has depth and weight in the psyche to one which has only societal pressure to sink into the Self.


  • It would seem to me that the advantage of Fi>Ti in this specific domain would be that because the F>T attitude is introverted, the severe practical, external impediments that come with being queer are inherently secondary to the individual alignment of the Self, as Te does not operate based on the sort of “people-based-math” that Fe operates on, and as such it doesn’t directly factor in its practicalities until Fi has already made its ethical judgments. Te can then step in where it is needed, and begin applying Fi’s judgments to the external world, which in this scenario might look like (to illustrate the polar extremes which ethical judgment is capable of reaching): forming and maintaining an organization directed towards queer advocacy VS consistently stonewalling legislation that would include gender identity as a protected status for hate crimes.
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