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You wondered how I would relate to this, here’s what I think:

I don’t relate to the core of this description, but there are many relatable parts to it. Sure being authentic and striving for higher values is important, as is learning to express yourself with a certain meticulousness. It’s just that I don’t really have any core ideas or values I feel I need to express per se. While there’s obviously a degree of consistency in my values or ideas, they are rather mold-able and evolve with time.

On the other hand, I am naturally meticulous and extremely careful, my mother even wrote it down as one of my defining traits. Simple posts sometimes take me multiple hours to write. Mind you, this time is not spent on correcting or refining what is already written, this is merely spent on the process of forming my thoughts to a satisfactory degree. I am also quite perfectionistic and can hold myself to ridiculous standards. On the other hand, I can parse out volumes of content in a short while on occasion. I can be rather chaotic and unstructured. I don’t really know what or why this happens yet, but well sometimes the info flows and sometimes it’s like the creek is jammed and zero water can flow through.

I like efficiency and often make systems to be efficient, these can work for a really long time, until I get sick of them or feel to limited by them and then I change to something else. I might be really disciplined for a long amount of time and then much less so for a long amount of time. Sometimes I manage to have a nice balance between discipline and down time.

I know myself, but the deeper I dig, the more confusion ensues.


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