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  • Type: TiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Ooh exciting!!

Your profile description touches on some MAJOR ongoing issues I’ve encountered in life. I’m learning to cope but Holy Motherload of Exotic Juices, it’s been a ride!

I don’t resonate with everything, though, so I’ll go over the whole text. Here goes:

Ji ll–
As a [FiSe/FiNe/TiNe/TiSe ll–] you are a Compass type with an Explorer development. Your mind begins from a place of withdrawal, reservation and meticulous analysis of reality in order to answer fundamental questions of inner alignment, purpose and true happiness. By reflecting on the essential nature of reality, you have an intrinsic sense of what the answers may be and pursue those pathways with fervor.

Good good. My basic temperament is one of reservation, and I am constantly scanning new information for how it reflects on what I know – so far – to be true of the world. I didn’t used to interpret myself being meticulous with this process, however. I take in a lot of information on a constant basis to feed my hunger for intellectual stimulation. It’s easy for me to make connections, to “get things,” and I am very quick with this. The “meticulous” only comes out when actually expressing my ideas, making it more obvious from the outside looking in. I say this more in an “FYI” way, because what you write here is still true.

The answers, you intuit, to this happiness and purpose are found via an authentic lived expression in alignment to your inner truth – through an embodiment of the principles that you sense operating behind reality. This embodiment almost always takes the form of artistic expression, such as via lyric writing, paintings, music, dance or fashion, wherein the artform becomes the vehicle by which those principles and realizations can radiate out into the world. What you desire from life is first to understand what the highest values are, and then to live true to that awareness through your manifestation. This higher value can take many different forms, such as being the elevation of beauty, goodness, honesty or consciousness – each of which may become the focus and thematic nexus to your artistry.

This causes me to take pause because it sounds more like @Animal than myself, tbh. She is the one to manifest her truth into artistic venues. She is very aware and comfortable with her Pe and so the venues through which she expresses her inner truth are thoroughly explored and employed. I use her as an example because I live with her, obviously. I can’t easily compare to another Ji II–.

Myself, I have a very difficult time even finding such a medium. If anything, when taking on the challenge to *create* in order to demonstrate ze truth, I find that I have a hard time taking it seriously. A local expression of something that ought to exist on an infinite timescale… It seems like a fool’s errant, too small, not enough, so I end up NOT committing to a means of expression. This ties in perfectly to the following:

However, you are also very perfectionistic about this and will take your time with your writings, songs or crafts – making sure each work is as representative as possible of the ineffable, core idea that exists in your mind. If that idea isn’t manifesting justly, then you’ll hesitate to put it into the world.

Yes an No!

Yes. In most cases, I won’t even BEGIN because I am drowning in the conviction of its perfect redundancy. My perfectionism sees the momentary physical representation as lacking and flawed. Heresy. Similar to the law of Muslim tradition that prohibits the depiction of Allah. Allah/God/Truth cannot be captured in an image by human hand.

No. It works exactly the other way around for me. I create, then I evaluate. I play with colors until my feelsies feel all nice-nice inside, at which point the work is then completed. AFTERWARDS, I read my work (usually visual work) and work it backwards to contemplate the meaning of it, employing tactics from the wild seas that are philosophy and psychology and other -ophies and -ogies.

This inescapably makes you slower than others at most tasks, as you invest extra in a precision which others are much freer to cut short for the sake of practicality. You are not the most practical creature, and your values for true representation and precision are at odds with a mechanical world that values results, bottom-lines, efficiency and economy. You’re not the most industrial personality, and making a living represents a powerful challenge to you since working outside of your very niche passions will feel like a suffocation and a sin to your essence. Worse still, productive output is something that must happen organically and unforced for you.

I am NOT a practical person, that’s for sure!! ” ST ” (as in TiSe) temperament notwithstanding, I am not practical. Work is difficult for me. Socionics’ “LSI bureaucrat” and MBTI’s “ISTP mechanic” can both kiss my non-practical ass. Excuse my French.

You feel at your best when you connect intimately to a seamless flow, where your exploration of the environment happens in real-time with no friction, hesitation or delays between “self” and “world.”

Yes. However, I have found that “flow” comes hard to me, especially because I believed that it just happened automatically. I was mistaken. My flow happens only with intent. Only then is my energy free.

What I found to work better for me is to create myself based on my Ji analysis of how the world works. Mind over body. I think, therefore I can think some more. Oh, and “exist.” I actively employ different styles of thought in order to be different in the world. Note; I do not “change.” Think of Bruce Lee’s famous quote: “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” This is a good metaphor for the main channel of my artistic expression of authentic living. If I adapt my body to a thought, then I control my actions and reactions (emotions). This way, I control the world. As such, I am the expression of my truth. I become my own creator.

But this ideal state is not always easy to attain and requires being sensitively primed for it. Moments of stress or lack of clarity lead to a paralysis and blocking of flow.

That’s a Bingo! Except, in my case, change “moments of” to “a life of.” It’s a hard knock life.

Luckily, experience and clarity journey together.

When you’re not flowing, you will tend to revert back to your isolationist tendencies, which emerge from your innate reservation and privacy. In this state you resist the world and retain your own mental autonomy, coveting your own resources and having a cognitive barrier between the inner and outer. You can easily exist in this state for long periods of time if you allow it, but will ultimately feel a hollowness emerge from it since it’s imperative to you that you retain both your mental autonomy, as well as the capacity to interface with the world meaningfully through expression.

Yes. This taken to its extreme leads to depression. And it 100% becomes about resisting the world and retaining mental autonomy. Been there, done that. Would not recommend.

And yet another personal struggle will exist in you when it comes to the manifestation of change in the world towards a great organizational truth. Although your self-expression represents one form of embodiment of truth in the world, the ideological and political spheres will also evoke a deep yearning in you and desire for the practical elevation of humanity towards your higher principles of being. Subjects such as world peace, the transformation of humanity towards sustainable forms of living, and the evolution of consciousness to untold heights, will preoccupy your daydreams. But your own attitude will be faint and internalized, making it difficult to compete in the political sphere or make an impact in the big executive world in the way that it forces solutions to arise.

This sounds like me when I was in my teens. It’s interesting; as I’ve grown older, I’ve become less idealistic in regards to worldly matters, but much more invested in personal philosophy. I see this as a positive development, as it re-orients my locus of control to where I can create change, when before I could not.

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