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Thank you Rondo that might have just been the blunt hit, to send me flying off the horse into the mud, that I needed🎥.

I always think there is so much that is already presumed. It’s starting to look like my biggest antisocial crutch. Perhaps I’ll have do to some web chat warm ups before making any forum entries.

Making a point about not just revealing the cons but also the pros of each function slot variant was a deal that somehow went over my head.

I read a single posts with one person claiming that those with fewer developed slots would automatically want more slots.

One big trap that I fell for was keeping that one person’s opinion too close to heart and letting myself think the whole claim is valid. I don’t even know it’s already happening. The result was asking a question that kind of demonstration of whether or not “grass is always greener on the other side” in way that happened to be brainwashingly bais. That’s my attempt to give clarity to anything that didn’t makes sense.

If I had IIII then I guess that it would make every situation even more saturated. Much like how too many apps slow down ones computer.

I feel as though I would get through any problem with either I, II, I–I II-I, or IIII. I just wonder if II-I would have an easier time then IIII. To me atleast it seems as if I, II, I–I already have an easier time with problems than II-I.

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