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Replying to @Auburn:

what would home (or making a home) look like to you?
what are some things you do, consciously or unconsciously, towards attaining it?
are there things you do to make that harder for yourself?

So I would say I have a bit more of an abstract idea of “home”. I’m looking for a place (workplace, social setting, city, you name it) that makes sense to me and lines up with my values. I guess I just want to feel comfortable and a sense of belonging.

Consciously I think I try to create that by reaching out to people, including people, trying to organize events… Subconsciously I think that’s what I’m also after when I leave a setting/place where I no longer feel comfortable and go looking for a new social group, new job, new city…

I think I do sabotage myself sometimes. That feeling of being disconnected from people and places (i.e. not feeling at home) can actually make me abrasive and judgmental and defensive around others. Sometimes it also spirals into existential despair, in which case my motivation to do anything proactive just evaporates.

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