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  • Type: SiTe
  • Development: l-ll
  • Attitude: Unseelie

I am SiTe and relate to mostly to pragmatist.  I also have a bent toward the theorist , possibly because of being Si worldview type (?) or Ne (?).  I love exploring new theories and ideas and if one resonates I will jump into it, but I do ask “Does it make sense?” And “Is it logical?”  I will reflect before acting (mostly)🤔  Auburn says I am an NeFi within an Si lead so sometimes my Ne will become so fascinated with a new idea/theory that I will act before reflecting.  It was how I came to vultology ☺️ So sometimes it works out for the good.  If this sounds rambling I apologize but I am trying to put my thoughts down as they come into my head.

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