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Oh yes, I’m not worried about the money and the rules anymore 🙂 Auburn handled that beautifully and he is clearly on top of it. Nor was it my intent to insult him or the community.

I was talking more about a vibe that works its way through a community and has potential to poison it. I’ve seen this in many typology communities before. I thought there was humor in it too, but apparently I touched a nerve or something and it came off more like a ‘dig’ than I intended.

I do believe the development levels are real and that he’s showing something true. Something that is obvious now that we’ve seen it. I can’t unsee it. The evidence is empirically sound and the development levels described for myself and others really ring true to their character.

My only concern is that the community seems to think, “More development good, less development bad,” even if the words that come out say otherwise. It’s a vibe. An undercurrent.

I’ve spoken about my personal thoughts on my own development – I am not convinced I’m better off overall with Fi development, and I’m in no hurry to develop Ni although I do see that as an inevitability for me personally.   It would be enough to just state my own view on myself and stop there, if I hadn’t caught wind of potential harm.

I’m not suggesting that CT should abandon development levels or discussion about it.

I was poking fun at humans being human, but also kind of holding up a warning sign.

That’s all.

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