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  • Type: NeTi
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  • Attitude: Adaptive

Lots of different angles to come at this from; glad you started this thread @ animal. The first angle for me is that nothing should be off the table in terms of being made fun of and equalized that way, as long as the humor isn’t flaunting ill-intentions. Speaking only for the forums, this hasn’t been an issue in my eyes on this topic, or for almost any other, and leaves space for a healthy counterbalance to the idea that IIII is some kind of ‘higher state’.

The second angle for me is that in my earliest submission video here, before even officially joining the forums, I explicitly criticised the language of “development levels” [and have continued to try and come up with alternatives], and with much the same reasoning as Ivory gave here. I also criticised the visual representation of more ‘sticks’ being a problem of implicit visual hierarchy on the forum, as Animal has pointed out.

However, I’ve also contributed to this dynamic personally by creating content around it. I don’t regret either endeavor: the 2nd post in the Developing to IIII Thread, or the Type IIII Emporium Thread itself (mainly an excuse to hold myself publicly accountable for my results and to get better at vultology through refining a search for elusive samples). The Developing to IIII Thread indicated to me that there is a real desire from members of the community to develop more functions, and I’m thankful I didn’t have the ambition to post anything approaching a concrete, step-by-step guide there, as years working on my own mental illness and that of others personally and professionally have indicated time and time again how quickly well-meaning actions descend into chaos.

With that being said I also don’t believe it’s right to just say, “Oh well we’re not ready and dunno exactly when or how to be ready, so to anyone suffering the ill-effects of an emerging function attempting to integrate: good luck.” @animal – I think your point has been made clearly at the present time, and the rules have been adjusted accordingly: charging money for such a service without a wealth of personal and professional experience is wrong; I’ve always been of the same opinion, and based on the severe lack of response there it seems that was already the general consensus. If you have any suggestions as to how to tackle this issue more systematically, I’d be more than happy to listen to them, as this is something that will only become more relevant with time, not less, and has been rattling around in my head for a while now.

Inevitable qualifying statement: being labeled as IIII here just means Auburn has seen video evidence that the individual demonstrated the ability modulate to a proficient use of four functions within a limited span of time. It doesn’t mean they will always display these four functions, just that it’s been seen in at least one video. Having once been integrated, I don’t know that functions can be lost from consciousness, but it certainly seems their overt, conscious influence can recede. @auburn – please correct me if I’m wrong here.

And from the patterns I can draw from the database, it seems that the vast majority of our celebrity examples that would be considered successful and admirable by others are Type I’s and II’s that doubled-down on their strengths to achieve mastery and success in a primary domain. The samples/individuals I currently find most inspirational and interesting tend to be Type I–I polarized J-leads, and they tend to give relatively few fucks about others’ opinions, being driven to push through their ethics and goals without endless second-guessing. That seems to me a much more stereotypical and “badass” way to operate than the few examples of IIII that I’ve seen, and I’m hopeful that as we accumulate more detailed psychological knowledge here, that the pros and cons of these different modulations will be arrayed such that IIII will only look like the most obvious and appealing choice if one isn’t willing to dig past surfaces.

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