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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie

@bera – very cool stuff! What you’re saying has me bouncing a lot of ideas around in my head. It sounds like this could be explored through group work, like the kind where everyone sits in a circle and talks about their experiences. If you – or anyone – ever wants to compare and contrast their experiences and try to relate it all back to type, I’m absolutely on board. I’ve already been playing around with the idea of having all the FiSes interview eachother / just chat a little more in depth, but I’m wondering if we could do that same thing with just Fi leads, or gammas, or Ji leads, or unseelies etc etc. This might help us identify more patterns and identify with greater clarity what the types and functions mean in face-to-face practice / communication.

To use my own type as an example again, what if another FiSe with conscious Se and I talked about what it was like to integrate that function? We could talk about where we may have gone wrong, or went right, or just cool stuff we started noticing when it started happening. Does that kind of conversation sound like a reasonable and responsible way to gather a little bit of data? Sorry if this is getting a little bit off topic! I know you mentioned maybe fleshing out ideas in other threads (and this is already a thread split hahaha)!

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