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Exactly, @Ivory . In true trickster fashion ๐Ÿ˜‰ I approached this provocatively, but my concern is real. When I developed Fi, it happened as a result of trauma and the development itself was traumatic and took years to settle in. As an artist and writer, I have ample work documenting what was going on in my mind, and it is clearly showing the introduction of Fi and how it reconfigured my brain. I am not supposing that every experience of development is equally traumatic nor that it is triggered by trauma – however, I do know firsthand that this can result from trauma, and can leave a person in a state of mental disarray. One may argue I was already in that state because of trauma, which is true; however, the development in and of itself was a journey that I carefully documented, even though I did not have words for it like “Fi.” I’ve heard others in the community talking about the severity of their development journeys too.

So it struck me a bit odd to come back around a few months later and hear people boasting about newly developed functions.ย  Many people who find their ways to these communities are mentally ill, unstable and traumatized.ย  Some are just young and hormonal, but this is still something that makes them vulnerable. I could not help but wonder: if this idea to push for fast track development actually works, is this place going to fill up with psychotic broken minds? And if not then what is it, a popularity contest?

Ivory you worded this better, I just wanted to throw in my agreement. Sanity should not be trifled with, and becoming an epicenter for psychological breakthroughs is a dangerous game if you aren’t prepared for it.

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